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The Day Number 7 Was Born

I was 12 years old when the announcement was made that another child would be born. At the time, I didn’t realize, or it didn’t hit me, that this child would bump me off my “Youngest of the Family” status. No, my thoughts shifted to the responses received after the news broke. Some were excited, but some were upset. “Why?” I thought. Well, because our mother was 40 years old and that alone is cause for concern, but on top of it, she has six other children. Nonetheless, as usual, our family prayed and joined together awaiting the arrival of this new baby.

I don’t remember the entire nine months, but I do remember Momma’s cravings. Sardines, butter pecan ice cream, anything in vinegar, and Cream of Wheat, were among the regulars. “Damn,” I thought, “No way would I ever have a child if this is what I had to look forward to!”  The day finally arrived, and ghere we were all lined up in the hallway at Athens Limestone Hospital. The whole town pretty much was awaiting her arrival. Dr. Frank Cauthen did the honors, while all six kids and Daddy stood outside the double doors. Soon he stepped out of the doors and announced that a baby girl was here. A tiny baby girl with dark hair.

I don’t remember whether they brought the baby out or not, but I remember my first glimpse was of her in the nursery. Soon, came the news of a problem. I remember my oldest sister squatting down and explaining to me what was wrong. She told me about the sugar we have in our bodies, and said the baby, now named “Nancy Catherine”, has hypoglycemia. A problem with her blood sugar, causing her to have seizures. I saw my mother cry. Ugh, I thought. What was life going to be like?

After a few weeks, the baby came home and life began to soar into greatness. What a blessing she was! So smart, so beautiful and to this day she’s very much loved by all six of her brothers and sisters. If you don’t know her you are surely missing out. God Bless you, Nanny Kate and Happy Birthday. I love you more than you’ll ever know.



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