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Hailing from the Deep South, I am gifted with a writing style like no other. It's raw, honest and colorful. Oh, and I have an opinion I am not afraid to voice, and I believe in dreams.


Nothing in this world can stop you dead in your tracks like an “Off  the cuff” comment by a child or an elderly person. Personally, I can’t wait to be old so I can get by with saying what I think. I know, I know…for those of you who know me, you’re saying, “Huh? What’s New?” I thought this section would be light-hearted and fun reading about the things have come across involving my family in its entirety. Enjoy!

(Contributed by my sister, Nancy Romine Minkler. You can read her account of it here.)

Meaghan’s Alarm Clock

One time, when we lived on Sugar Creek Road, Nancy came to visit. Apparently she and my children, along with one of my nephews, were fully involved in an intense conversation over the notorious Nickelodeon Alarm Clock that my youngest daughter had/has. Now guys, let me fill you in on this clock. God Bless Santa Claus for providing our family with such a dependable clock for many years! That clock woke up everybody in the entire 4,000 square foot spread…except my daughter. Every night she set it for 5:00 a.m.! Promptly at five, it began with…I shit u not …at FULL VOLUME… “Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick…NICKELODEON!!!! continuing for about five minutes, then we went into “BOING, BOING, BOING, BOING” for another five minutes. After that, there were various other sounds, which, if you were standing anywhere on our property at that point, you would hear, followed by “MEAGHAN! EITHER GET THE HELL UP OR SHUT THAT SON OF A BITCH OFF!” Very very inappropriate language for parents, huh? Well you have to understand, and those who witnessed it will contest to the fact that CHINESE WATER TORTURE was a better alternative. So you get the picture. Due to this, Meaghan was very protective of her clock. Back to their conversation…which was over the marvels of items, and I cannot remember exactly which ones…that run forever on batteries. Little Miss Meaghan just bursting to talk about her clock, blurts out into the family round with, “OMG! I know, I have NEVER put batteries in my Alarm Clock, and I’ve had it since I was in the 4th grade!!”   At that very moment, having left everyone sitting there in a dumbfounded state, my very bright sister replies, “Meaghan, does your clock plug into the wall?”  “Uh-huh,” was her bright-eyed, confident reply. With that, Nancy says “Your Alarm Clock is Electric!”  Of course, you had to be there and have to know Meaghan to fully appreciate the moment, but suffice to say…she’ll never live it down.

Mrs. Pullum’s Class

Here we are again with yet another Meaghan story. I’m not really sure if I have told this yet or not on my blog, but trust me, it’s worth another paragraph. I was a “work outside the home, full-time mother, cheerleader coach and whatever else”, so needless to say breakfast at my house was quick. One afternoon after I picked up Brittney and Meaghan from school, we headed down Persimmon Tree Road towards home. I always spent at least an hour or so talking to them about their day first, before homework began. This particular day I noticed that Meaghan was very quiet in the backseat. I thought she was just mad, as usual, over Brittney sitting up front. You know the drill between siblings. I began asking her how her day was when she said angrily, “MRS. PULLUM MADE US STAND UP AND TELL WHAT WE ATE FOR BREAKFAST”!!  Naturally I replied, “Well, why are you so mad, Meaghan?”  “MOTHER!!!  SHE SAID YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!”  “Okay Meaghan…well she’s right, Nu—“, “MOTHER!!!!” She says with biggggggg tears coming down her face, “I HAD A DING-DONG FOR BREAKFAST!!!!”

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