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The Bouncing Butt of Levert

Let me tell y’all something about one of the first cars I had after baby. It was a black Berlinetta Camero that had an engine from hell. Just like a burst of excitement a child gets on christmas eve I shared that sporadic burst of energy from time to time behind the wheel. This car had such a start off that the body would literally lift a little off the chassis when it took off, roflmao. Well one afternoon my little sister Nancy had to go somewhere and I don’t remember where but nonetheless the screaming black mamba had a job to do. The three of us loaded up in the car, that being, myself, Nancy and my three-year old daughter, Brittney Catherine. We pull out of the driveway on Coleman and head down 3rd. As we approached Levert Ave I decide I’m going to allow my redneck side to come out and turn the corner “Peeling Rubber”. Well I got in it too deep and the Black mamba didn’t disappoint. Problem was she had a problem with the driver’s side door and they were so heavy if you didn’t shut them hard they didn’t latch. Baaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahhahahhahaha, all of the sudden “Vrrrooooommmmm” she wound up, Passenger door flew open and little Nancy was fighting to keep it shut when it pulled her out ass first at which time she grabs a hold of my three-year olds ponytail, and I grab my three-year old’s arm laughing so hard I couldn’t see or breathe and the harder i laughed the harder I pressed on the accelerator. Nancy was laughing as her ass bounced down Levert Avenue. God was def with us. Yet another laughable moment in time.


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